Dear Reader,

Over the last decade, media sources have pronounced bitcoin dead no less than 400 times.

That’s more than 400 separate occasions they have steered someone like you AWAY from this high-risk erupting market.

And yet, not only is bitcoin still here, in a few moments, I’m going to show you how I believe the most important moment in cryptocurrency history has just begun.

Hi, I’m Sam Volkering.

This market has offered you scores of opportunities to double, triple, even quintuple your stake – many times over in the last decade.

Just take a look at the graph below:


(Source: Koyfin)
5 year performance of Bitcoin: 2016 +123.27% / 2017 +2,371.91% / 2018 -73.60% / 2019 +92.65% / 2020 +303.09%

Right now… I think the mainstream media are doing you a huge disservice.

So, I’m going to share everything I’ve uncovered about what could be the next catalyst for another big price run in this high-risk, high-stakes market.

I’ll also show you my favourite crypto play to take advantage of this erupting situation – without asking for a cent in return.

And share with you details on how to get the names of two more crypto investments that could turn R500 into over R10,000.

But first a little history lesson so you can see why I am so confident.

Back in November 1910 seven of the world’s most powerful businessmen met on Jekyll Island.

The reason: To determine the fate of the US monetary system.

Out of that meeting, the most powerful banking institution– The Federal Reserve – was born.

So what has this got to do with what’s happening with cryptocurrencies right now?

The fact is, this is how major changes in financial markets happen.

A group of rich and powerful people get in a room and decide how the world is going to work.

34 years later, at the end of World War II, it happened again.

730 delegates from the 44 allied nations, gathered at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA.

The reason: To lay out the post-war monetary system.

The Bretton Woods agreement was born.

It made the US-dollar the world’s reserve currency – pegging every major currency to the dollar.

Then in 1985, it happened again. With something called, ‘The Plaza Accord’.

As you can see, these moments don’t happen often. But when they do, when the richest and most influential men in the world get together and change the rules, they impact everything… for everyone. Because they rewire how people save, spend and generate their money.

And what most people will have missed, is that one of these historic moments may have already occurred this year.

Similar to the meeting at Jekyll Island in 1910…. Just like the Bretton Woods summit in 1944… this event was called to lay out the future of the monetary system coming out of a global crisis… the Covid-19 pandemic.

The reason: To attempt to orchestrate the mass transfer of large corporations’ cash reserves INTO bitcoin.

Now, it’s important to point out…

This is NOT speculation.

This is FACT.

What transpired in this meeting – attended by some of the most powerful and richest men in the world today…

Could send a handful of crypto plays soaring in value. For one on my list, as much as 20 times higher than where it sits today….

An epic move – from the margins, to the mainstream. 

It all started with Michael Saylor, the CEO of a data analytics firm called MicroStrategy.

As a hedge against government money printing, Saylor transferred a significant portion of his company’s $425 million cash pile into Bitcoin. Eventually amassing a $4.45 billion position in the asset.

It was the first example of a publicly listed company buying bitcoin as a hedge against governments devaluing of the money supply.

Saylor himself called it “mainstream day”…

And in the days that followed, corporations bought… and they bought… and they bought.

Not just Tesla, but a bunch of companies transferred a portion of their cash reserves into bitcoin.

  • Square – the payment company owned by Jack Dorsey announced a $170 million purchase of bitcoin.
  • BNY Mellon – America’s oldest bank announced plans to hold Bitcoin.
  • Investment share advisory – Motley Fool – bought $5 million.
  • Photo Editing App Meitu bought $100 million worth of bitcoin and crypto
  • The City of Miami is exploring the idea of buying bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. And paying city workers in bitcoin.
  • Norwegian Conglomerate Aker ASA has set up a new investment unit – holding 100% of its cash reserves in bitcoin.
  • Time Magazine announced it will be holding bitcoin on its balance sheet.
  • Sotheby’s will start accepting payments in bitcoin.

And since then, development in the crypto market has moved into overdrive:

  • Morgan Stanley announced it was part of a team launching a Bitcoin ETF.
  • The first publicly listed ETF launched in Canada – transferring $420 million worth of capital into bitcoin in just two days.
  • JP Morgan started advising clients to allocate 1% of their assets to Bitcoin.
  • El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

I believe we are right at the start of an avalanche of publicly traded companies getting into bitcoin and crypto.

Bitcoin has already been trending up since March last year…

And if you’ve had a closer eye on the market you’ve seen certain “alt-coins” surge even higher.

Crypto like…

I’m here to show you that YOUR moment to have a stake in the crypto boom has arrived.

And you have a window of opportunity to make your move.

Make no mistake…

What transpired at this little-known meeting… explains the REAL reason the crypto market has ballooned in size by almost 5-TIMES over the past year.

But more importantly, it explains why we’re standing on the precipice of what could be a crypto boom FAR bigger than anything ever witnessed.

It is in my view, only a matter of time until even more heavy hitters pile into bitcoin with full-force.

Why do I think this?

They have no choice.

Governments around the world are debasing the cash on their balance sheets at a whole new level.

In fact, since 2012 there are now more than DOUBLE the number of US dollars in circulation chasing the same amount of goods.

And since March last year it’s estimated that the Federal Reserve increased the US money supply by 22% alone.

And in response, corporations have decided they can’t take it anymore.

These enormously wealthy and influential corporations have realised whilst their cash is eroding in value….

Bitcoin is its complete opposite. In every measurable way.

It can’t be manipulated. It can’t be printed – there will only EVER be 21 million in existence.

And it is actually RISING in value.

In 2013, Bitcoin broke $1,000.

In 2017, $17,000.

In 2021, $50,000.

Whilst mainstream media entities will warn you away from crypto… the cold, hard truth is:

It’s the best performing financial asset of the decade.

And it’s not just corporations moving their cash piles into bitcoin.

Those with more money and privilege than the average investor know the score. And they’re moving in, too.

People like:

  • The Rothschild Investment Group has disclosed their investment worth of $1.92 million in the Greyscale Bitcoin Trust.
  • Players from the NBA’s Sacramento Kings are being paid in bitcoin.
  • Players at Southampton FC can now reportedly have their bonuses paid in bitcoin.

And that’s on top of the billionaires investing in bitcoin, like:

Legendary investor, Paul Tudor Jones…

Blackrock’s Chief Investment Officer, Rick Rieder…

Jim Simons – whose Medallion Fund has the best investing record in history. 

The list goes on.

If you can’t see the paradigm shift that’s taken place here, I don’t know what you’re looking at.

The catalysing moment to send crypto from the margin to the mainstream has just occurred…

The transition is happening RIGHT NOW.

And I believe everything is pointing toward another potentially outrageous price surge.

But there’s something else you should be thinking…

That, for you, this is the wealth-creation opportunity of a lifetime. And you’re wondering: How can you make money from it?

Which crypto plays could soar in price?

That’s precisely what I’m about to show you.

But it may surprise you… the answer is NOT “buying Bitcoin.”

Yes, I think you can buy into bitcoin today and do enormously well. But I don’t think you need me to tell you that.

I’d like to show you some smaller crypto plays that could move higher and faster than BTC.

Some of my 1000's of followers I’ve already shown how are thanking their lucky stars.

In just a moment I’m going to show how you how you could profit from what’s going on here.

Starting with TWO crypto plays to take advantage of this situation – completely free of charge.

Ones that could turn a small-stake of just R500 into more than R10,000 (before costs and tax).

Hopefully, you’ll be counting a chart-breaking profit before we even catch our breath!

It’s not for everyone. I realise that.

The truth is, investing in the crypto market will always be…

Crypto is a volatile new market. It’s the wild frontier of the investment world. You need a stomach for the high risks involved.

So if you can’t step out of your comfort zone… if you’re not able to risk losing all of your small stake, or you can’t keep a clear head and avoid rushing in without understanding the risks involved … jump off the ride now. Because it could go too fast for your liking. This won’t be for you.

Those are the stakes.

And I will share all my best practices with you and guide you through what you need to do step by step to take advantage of this market.

I’ll show you how to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies, too.

But ultimately, you have to have the mettle for this market, to enjoy it.

The crypto market is unregulated. Meaning you can’t complain to the Financial Ombudsmen if things go pear shaped. And you’re not covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme.

Are you still with me?


Fact is, there are a few smart ways to play this market by investing in cryptos.

I’ll be letting you in on two pure crypto plays… AND another crypto investment opportunity right here in this presentation.

If you are comfortable with the risks and want to find out how you can potentially turn R500 into over R10,000 over the longer term…

That’s a huge number – but don’t let it wash over you. Because the potential here is REAL.

What it would mean for you is staking (for example) R500 in these crypto plays and, in the long run, having the chance to cash out with more than R10k before any costs and tax.

But realistically, how high could bitcoin go in this new megacycle?

Especially now that some of the largest corporation and institutions in the world are piling into it?

Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg said in April that he believes Bitcoin can reach $400k in 2021, if past patterns repeat.

And frankly… up until recently, I’d have been inclined to agree with him.

But I believe Elon Musk’s actions through Tesla have changed the crypto market forever.

What I see coming could be the Big Bang that sends crypto skyward…

In fact, I sense that the flood gates could burst at any time.

If you think bitcoin’s bull run so far has been exhilarating – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

In 2018 JP Morgan called it ‘a holy grail’ for bitcoin.

Asset Manager, Matt Hougan says it is simply ‘a watershed moment’…

And Chief Technology Analyst at InvestorPlace, Matt McCall, says it is a ‘huge catalyst’…

One that would be ‘hard to overstate the importance of’

So what is this event?

If you were an investor in the 90s, you’ll no doubt remember the Netscape IPO.

It’s universally regarded as the event that kicked off The Dot Com Boom.

Netscape IPO’d on 9th August, 1995.

Its entry price was $28 a share…

But buyer demand was so great the first order was processed for $71. Almost triple the original price!

It proved investors were willing to buy into the game-changing technology, the internet.

This single moment ignited a bull run that saw internet firms hit outrageous price runs:

At least for those who had the savvy to act swiftly and decisively.

And for over a quarter of a century since, it has driven the returns of the stock market. Minting millions of millionaires in the process. With no signs of letting up.

Well, I believe crypto’s “Netscape Moment” is fast approaching.

But I’m not talking about the listing of any cryptocurrency company.

I’m talking about the launch of the first bitcoin ETF in the USA.

Why is that even remotely important?

Because it will eliminate ALL of the red-tape around buying bitcoin.

See, for the largest institutions in the world – like a pension fund or asset manager – there’s a host of regulatory hoops to jump through to actually buy bitcoin.

But a bitcoin ETF would eliminate that red-tape.

As soon as one is launched – they can buy it with the click of a button.

They can put theirs – and their client’s money – in bitcoin, at will.

What’s more, it would make bitcoin available for purchase by thousands of brokerage accounts in the US.

That is a colossal pile of money.

According to InvestorPlace, HALF of all equities in the world are traded in the USA.

The total size of assets in pension funds alone in the US is $32 TRILLION.

So WHEN exactly will the bitcoin ETF happen?

Any positive announcement could send the market skyward.

This, in my view, is not something you can wait around to see how it plays out.

Since the start of the year EIGHT separate companies have begun the application process.

And some of these companies are seriously heavy hitters…

  • Fidelity, the $4.9 trillion asset manager…
  • WisdomTree Investments…
  • VanEck Associates…
  • Valkyrie Digital Assets…
  • Kryptoin Investment Advisors
  • Galaxy Digital Funds
  • SkyBridge…
  • And Morgan Stanley-backed NYDIG Asset Management…

As you can see, they aren’t minnows. Companies more likely for the SEC – the US regulatory body that will approve these kinds of ETFs, to take notice of.

What’s more, the new SEC chief, Gary Gensler, is a crypto sympathiser.

He is an MIT Professor, who teaches on blockchain and cryptocurrencies!

In my view, the pressure building for a Bitcoin ETF is reaching a tipping point.

And I’m not the only one who thinks a Bitcoin ETF is imminent. said in March ‘Fidelity’s ETF stands a great chance of being approved’…

And another prominent crypto journalist said it will happen ‘sooner rather than later’.

John Davi, Chief Investment Officer at Astoria Portfolio Advisors, said a bitcoin ETF ‘is only a matter of time’.

Another former SEC trial attorney has also said a bitcoin ETF is ‘inevitable.’

With each day that passes… anticipation and excitement is building.

As soon as an announcement IS made…

I believe it could see the crypto market move into a boom MAGNITUDES larger than what we’re already seeing.

Right now you have a rare window of opportunity to take advantage.

Some of the ETF applications under consideration have already been delayed by the SEC. And they may continue to delay until they’re confident that the risk of market manipulation and fraud are small.

Put simply: If you were around to see the .com boom… I believe this is going to make the hysteria look like a drop in the ocean.

And now is your chance to get into the market.

Not next month. Not next week. NOW.

Maybe you’re thinking the play here is buying bitcoin… or a bitcoin ETF. Maybe you’re thinking of doubling your money. Or better – even 10Xing your money.

If that’s the case, let me tell you – you are thinking TOO SMALL.

I believe this opportunity is much bigger than that.

And right here, right now, I’m going to show you how.

Because, when bitcoin ticks up – some crypto shoot even higher.

The fact is, when Bitcoin surges in price… smaller – almost unknown – alt coins, and other crypto projects, tend to shoot FAR higher.

You only have to look at bitcoin’s booms in 2013 and 2017 to see that.

Just think about that...

And think about what it feels like to make that type of return from an investment.

I personally made a 20,000% gain on Ripple (now known as XRP).

And I can tell you from personal experience, it is one of the most exhilarating feelings a person can have.

When you make such a large return from a small investment…

You’ll be walking around with an extra kick in your step…

And it’ll be impossible to hide that big, fat grin on your face.

Not every coin did this of course, these are some of the most exceptional examples.

Many will have come to nothing in this high risk market which is why this opportunity is only for money you can afford to lose.

As you’ll see I’m not only interested in pure crypto plays. Some of the projects I’m targeting are listed stocks involved in the crypto market.  

If you can’t stand the thought of losing some or all of your investment – if seeing the value of your investment fall sharply makes you feel sick – this won’t be for you.

Now, if you’re ready to take the next step…

Then let me tell you the best part.

To my mind it’s…

And for those with the stomach to lay down a little money on these tiny, high-stakes crypto projects – the payoff could be enormous.

The crypto market in my sights is in a state of eruption.

By transferring their money into bitcoin, corporations are giving it a huge seal of approval.

And in doing so, it has triggered huge demand for another sector within the crypto market. recently came out and said this sector is taking over crypto”…

The Bank of America just released a report saying it is potentially ‘more disruptive’ than bitcoin.

And calls it: “a major breakthrough in the world of financial services”.

You see, as corporations transfer some of their cash into bitcoin…

It has created an urgent need for a surrounding financial system to support it.

The fact is, the traditional financial system doesn’t totally work for ordinary people.

And it doesn’t work for these corporations either.

And that’s the build out that’s taking place right now… An alternative crypto-led financial system.

This “new financial system” offers all of the same virtues as bitcoin. It can’t be tainted by unscrupulous money printing… or government abuse.

It’s a place to borrow and lend your money…

Invest in stocks, bonds and other assets…

Take out an insurance policy…

Or simply to deposit into a savings account and start earning real interest.

All without the complexity, inefficiencies and middlemen that comes along with the legacy financial system.

And use in this new Defi system is skyrocketing.

Over the last year the total value locked inside this system has increased from just $740 million… to over $50 BILLION.

The number of investors using it has exploded.

(Source: Dune Analytics)

Take that in…

It’s early proof that a whole new, decentralised new money financial system is exploding before our very eyes.

And some of the projects behind this build out are delivering outrageous returns.

Returns like…

Make no mistake. This new money system is where some of the true mind-bending gains of the new crypto mega-cycle are taking place.

And as corporations investing in bitcoin drive the price higher – I believe it’s only going to create more insatiable demand for this exciting sector. And big profits for you.

I’ll show you how I plan on doing that in a second. But first, I want to show how you can dip your toe in this in this new world.

Which brings me to something I want to share with you now, without delay…

The first crypto– one of two cryptos I want to share with you today…has massive potential!

… This crypto speeds up networks where most slow them down.

… This crypto has zero transaction fees

… And it has the Blockchain 50 as its customer!

It’s set out to be the protocol standard for machine-to-machine transactions, infinitely scalable, this crypto king will enable the Internet of Things (IoT) to cope with the mass of data that is being created.

Consider this your second chance!

Now imagine you had a second chance at investing in the earliest stage of the internet.

Just think of the fortunes made…

Now imagine how this crypto could present your second chance!

That’s because it provides a global platform that all future industry could exist on.

In fact, some of the Blockchain 50 have already invested in this crypto’s technology.

Companies like JP Morgan, Amazon and Microsoft.

In short, the potential of this crypto project and the value of its coin is huge. Maybe even bigger than bitcoin!

This bring me to my second crypto company...

‘Decentralisation' is a word you are now beginning to understand is behind the great money rebellion in the crypto world.

It is the foundation of everything in crypto.

The idea that you don't need to rely on a central authority to make things work...

Just as bitcoin allows you to make payments without a bank, DeFi allows you to create an entire financial system without banks or central authorities.

And we believe its only a matter of time (shorter than you think!) before it could overtake every area of traditional finance, because it makes things cheaper and more efficient.

This is one hell of an opportunity.

And one that I want to help you get in on as soon as you can.

So, here’s what I’ll do for you…

I’m going to give you all the analysis and research you need to get into this market right away…


Everything you need to know about these two investments is inside my full researched report, called: “The Two Cryptos to Buy for 20x returns”.

Which I am going to send you – with no obligation – today.

In this report, you will learn each crypto's name. Its ticker symbol. And you’ll get my FULL research on it, including the risks involved.

Now, I realise you may be new to crypto. And the crypto world in general.

Well, today, I’m going to help you become one of the most clued-up investors in SA.

I’ve organised something very special for you…

I call it, The Crypto Wealth Package.

In it, you’ll have everything you need to understand and stake a claim in this booming market.

And you’ll be joining more than 10,000 investors who have used my research to arm themselves with everything they need to make a potential killing from what I see as the ensuing crypto boom!

All you have to do is claim it today – and I have worked out a way you can do so, for free.

I know that some people think the boat has sailed. They think it's TOO LATE to make life-changing money from this phenomenon.

But I believe they are going to miss out on the single biggest wealth explosion in history.

Institutions and corporations are wading into crypto for the very first time.

That will only happen ONCE.

Let me make it crystal clear:

You only need a tiny sum to get a potentially huge pay-out from this market.

That R500 could make you more than R10,000.

Or you could lose it all. This is the sharpest, most wild edge of the investing frontier. And to get the most out of this, you need to be happy taking that risk.

If so, then as I will show you – the crypto market is one of the only places in the world that could increase your personal wealth so dramatically.

You don’t need a degree in finance to profit from this.

You don’t need to understand charts, graphs or indexes.

I’ll explain all in your crypto investing wealth package.

If you CAN sense the huge opportunity at your feet and you can’t wait for the chance to
channel these gains your way...

All of THIS is yours.

Because I want there to be ZERO chance of you missing out on this once-in-history eruption of new wealth.

If you invest wisely, there is no higher-rising market out there, right now. This is the big one and I believe the life-altering climbs are ahead of you. All you have to do is take the first step!

And I am going to make it TOTALLY effortless for you to take that step, right now.

Lets take a look at what’s inside.

Whether you have R500 or R5,000 to punt on these rocketing cryptos and crypto companies...

This wealth package shows you what to do.

I am determined to make you one of the most clued-up people in South Africa on this fast-rising market...

And open up to you scores more opportunities to help you look to grow your personal wealth.

Here’s how I’m going to do that...

First, I want to give you an e-copy of my globally published book...

Over 40,000 readers around the world have read it. It’s been published in Australia, the UK, Europe, Latin America and South Africa.

It gives you everything you need to know about this crypto revolution, including:

  • How to set up your “crypto wallet”
  • Which 10 cryptos you should never even consider buying
  • The name of the crypto I believe will ultimately knock bitcoin off its status as ‘top dog’
  • A detailed history of bitcoin
  • How to buy, sell and store your cryptos safely – using your home computer or smartphone

This book and all the valuable information in it, is yours.

Once you’ve read it, you’ll be one of the most clued-up crypto investors in SA.

Second, I want to let you in on an investment that could benefit from the explosion of the Crypto Economy.

This crypto sector is going to change the way every industry does business.

From your financial and banking information…

Your personal health care and tax information…

Credit card payments…Real estate transactions…you name it.

The world’s largest companies have already invested heavily in it…

De Beers, Berkshire Hathaway, Walmart, Nestle, Unilever, IBM, AB Inbev and many more!

It’s garnered interest from governments, the European Commission and militaries.

And this is why numerous research houses expect it to grow from $3 billion in 2020 to $39.7 billion by 2025 – a whopping 1,223% over the next five years!

In fact, its disruption will create a once-in-a-lifetime financial opportunity for anyone who is brave enough to act today.

You’ll learn the full details about this ground-breaking crypto sector and how to profit from its meteoric growth  in a special report called:

Profit from the Crypto Sector Poised to Explode more than 1,000%!

So how you can get started? How can you get your crypto wealth package in your hands today?

All I ask is that you...

I’m looking for investors who aren’t happy running with the pack.

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I’m talking about the likes of AI, electric vehicles, 5G, the clean energy revolution, biotech and many others.

And South African Investor is how we’re going to do that.

Let me introduce you to Josh Benton, Editorial Director of the South African chapter of one of the biggest global private wealth management clubs in the world.

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Do not let this never-to-be-repeated opportunity pass you by.

Because, as mind-bending as the profits we have seen so far are...

I think it’s nothing compared to what’s to come...

So far 32 companies have transferred some of their cash reserves to bitcoin. And it’s driven the price past $40,000.

But there are 40,000 publicly listed companies in the world.

That’s how early you’re getting in on this – and how much more upside awaits you.

Quickly before I go, let me inform you of former Goldman Sachs fund manager Raoul Pal’s words regarding the urgent situation unfolding in the crypto market right now.

“From what I know, and I know a lot of people in the industry, they are all onboarding institutional clients, family offices, endowments at an enormous pace.”…

“The real money is interested… and that’s a gamechanger…”

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity we’re being given—we get to ‘front run’ a WALL of money,”

Read that again… you get to “’front run’ a WALL of money.”

That couldn’t be any more straightforward to me.


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Walk away. Do nothing. Try and forget everything you have read today. Put the idea of anything to do with cryptos aside. But in doing so, you risk missing out.

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Sam Volkering
Editor And author of “Crypto Revolution”

PS. If this crypto eruption is as powerful and unrelenting as I believe, you need to act today!


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